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Exhaust protective hoods 

  • Exhaust protective cover for “Exhaust acc. to G 442” – patented

    Protect your collecting pipe against infiltrating rainwater

    • Easy to mount on existing exhausts
    • Made of stainless steel for maintenance-free usage and a long service life
    • Full opening cross-section when the exhaust is actuated
    • Automatic reset to rain protection position after the exhaust action
    • Optional: Can be locked in the open position with optical display
    • Optional: With remote transmission via reed contact
    Technical characteristics

    The exhaust protective cover comprises a clamp and the end cover attached to it.
    It is mounted at the top end of the discharge head with the clamp.

    The end cover is set so that it easily opens and returns to the closed position.
    After assembly, the exhaust protective covers are immediately ready for operation.

    Exhausts according to G 442 Type A with side inlet (lambda exhaust) are considered rainproof. Most of the time this is also true. Nevertheless, it may happen that rain or condensation water is found in the bleed and respiration pipes during servicing or in the event of a malfunction.

    Respiration lines fill up and controllers cannot function properly; or SBVs cannot vent the impermissible overpressure.

    Make your systems safe. Cut down the costs for repairs outside of regular servicing intervals.

    The end cover opens easily, reducing any impact on the discharge action and the explosive zone.

    The function has been tested many times down to discharge pressures of 40 mbar.
    The end cover releases the full pipe cross-section, but falls back into its protective position after the discharge action.

    Material: Stainless steel

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    Examples of common spacer rings:

    The exhaust protective hoods can be used for all vertical exhaust pipes and are available in different pipe dimensions.  On request