Our Philosophy

Living our responsibility: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is the only way of guaranteeing 100% reliable supplies. For gas is one of the mainstays of the energy supply industry in our economic system.

It requires reliability right down to the finest detail. After all, the process chain as a whole is only as dependable and efficient as its weakest link. And so it‘s comforting to be able to rely on a strong partner.

TECON. Always considerably more than standards require.

For quality is the root of responsibility. Our aspiration is not just to comply with the relevant standards, but to effectively surpass them. That‘s why our customers are on the safe side with us, because we guarantee that our products go far beyond fulfilling applicable technical and safety regulations.

National and international certification as well as the DVGW rule codes, etc. form the basis for QUALITY MANAGEMENT MADE BY TECON.