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Innovative measuring systems "Made by tecon” 

  • Precise – Innovative – High quality

    tecon Systemtechnik offers a complete product portfolio for the custody and non-custody transfer measurement of gas volumes for industrial and commercial applications. Characterized by their extreme precision and robustness, the measuring instruments are calibrated and tested on approved flow and pressure test benches that are traceable to international standards.

    The rotary gas meters and turbine gas meters can all be equipped with various low and high frequency pulse outputs, as well as with encoders and/or MBus. All meters can be connected to various electronic evaluating instruments such as compact volume correctors, flow computers, data storage devices and data transmission devices for the automated determination of flow or gas volumes or volume conveyance.

    They can also be connected to devices from other manufacturers for a considerably broader range of applications.

    Custody and non-custody transfer measurements
    The rotary gas meters from the FMR, FMR Dual, FMR-HP and iM-RM series are custody transfer gas flow meters in accordance with MID 2004/22/EU, OIML R137/EN1248, and are approved and based on the physical measuring principle of a volumetric displacement meter.

    Rotary gas meters in the sizes G16 to G650 with flow rates of 0.6m³ to 1000m³ and pressure ranges of up to 100 bar with a thread or flange connection, as well as in HTB versions, are available for custody and non-custody transfer natural gas metering.

    Solutions also for industrial customers
    tecon Systemtechnik specializes in offering connecting fittings such as reducing flanges, spacers or pipe fittings, including connecting elements such as screws, bolts, nuts and gaskets, that are specifically aimed at industrial customers who want to replace old single-tube or twin-tube diaphragm gas meters with new rotary gas meters.

    One-stop solution
    tecon Systemtechnik can also calculate the torque for the flange connection pursuant to DVGW information GAS No. 19 published by the German Association for Gas and Water, and offer and supply one-stop solutions – beginning with rotary gas meters, through to fitting pieces and connecting elements, as well as torque calculations. The requisite pre-qualifications and approvals are available.