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Differential Pressure Gauge DPG 

  • Differential Pressure Gauge DPG

    – with diaphragm measuring system –

    • Inspection certificate DIN EN 10204 3.1
    Technical Characteristics
    Pressure level: PN 100
    P perm.: 102 bar
    Working temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C
    Medium: all gases acc. to DVGW worksheet G 260/I
    Display: pointer plus setting pointer /mbar and psi
    Display ranges: 0 to 150 mbar (0 to 2.2 psi)
    0 to 300 mbar (0 to 4.4 psi)
    0 to 600 mbar (0 to 8.7 psi)
    0 to 1.0 bar (0 to 14.5 psi) standard
    0 to 2.0 bar (0 to 29.0 psi)
    Material: steel, Teflon-coated
    Standard connections: female thread G ¼“
    Flow direction (+/-): left/right, flow direction can be adjusted at the valve register, left/right and right/left
    Bypass and shut-off valves: contained in valve register
    Filter: screw-in filter, addable
    Electrical connection: reed contact (3-pole/DIN), addable
    Fixing bracket for stable mounting on the filter: addable
    Weight: 1.700 g
    Protection class: IP54 (EN 60529/IEC 529)


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    Item Item No. Price in €
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 150 mbar (0 to 2.2 psi) DMDPG0150 177,50
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 300 mbar (0 to 4.4 psi) DMDPG0300 177,50
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 600 mbar (0 to 8.7 psi) DMDPG0600 177,50
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 1000 mbar (0 to 14.5 psi) DMDPG1000 177,50
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 2000 mbar (0 to 29.0 psi) DMDPG2000 177,50
    Reed contact (3-pole/DIN) DMDPGRD 51,50
    Valve register with bypass and shut-off valves VR 92,40
    Screw-in filter for valve register VREF 36,80
    Fixing bracket for stable mounting on the filter DMDPGH 18,00

    The differential pressure gauge type DPG is a measurement device for monitoring the pressure difference at filters, traps, etc.


    Differential pressure between entrance and exit is brought up onto a display by a diaphragm measuring system on a clock face.
    Contrary to the well-known rotary gas metering system, this system is not prone to construction-related leakages. Model type DPG is 100% leak-proof and can be tested (static) with a measurement kit.


    There are 2 connections “G“ on the underside of the device (female thread) with the labeling (+) and (-). The plus connection (+) is connected with the measurement lead for the higher pressure and minus (-) with the measurement lead for the lower pressure.

    Setting the switch point

    Loosen the Allen screw. Next, the magnet socket with the DIN-reed contact plug can be slid into the housing or pulled out:
    => sliding in: earlier switch point
    => sliding out: later switch point
    After the switch point has been set – recommended is the last third of the scale length – the magnet socket is secured with the fixing screw (Allen screw).

    Diaphragm measuring system: no leakage
    One-sided overload: up to 102 bar
    Scale: mbar and PSI
    Reed contact: addable
    Mounting system: available for wall or gantry mounting
    Product additions

    1. Installation / Manifold / Valve register
    Differential pressure gauge type DPG can be complimented with a valve register (manifold). This valve register offers the following mounting advantages:
    a) Performing the minus connection is made at the rear side of the valve
    register. The plus connection can be made either at the left or at the right. This avoids crossing of the measurement leads and the positioning of special versions of the basic unit.
    b) Pressure compatibility between (+) and (-) via knurled screw (1) in the middle of the valve register (e.g. run-up, for checking the 0 display during operation).
    c) Using both of the screws (2) O-ring sealed valves can be closed. Differen- tial pressure gauge type DPG can then be removed problem-free from the valve register (e.g. for checking, exchanging, etc.).
    d) The valve register (manifold) contains both valves i.e. block ball-valves, which are otherwise necessary for mounting.
    e) Additionally, a filter cartridge can be screwed into the valve register (manifold) to protect the measurement mechanism.
    f) Maximum operating pressure for the valve register (manifold): 102 bar Weight: valve register/manifold: 850 g

    2. Switching contacts
    There are 3-pole reed contacts available, electrical capacity: 3 VA/28 V / 0.25 A. For operation in an ex-zone- electrical separation is necessary via approved ex-relay.

    3. Filter cartridge
    Instead of screwing-in the valve block, a filter combination with sinter metal insert can be added.
    This filter combination prevents the penetration of contaminants into the measurement mechanism.
    Weight: filter: 160 g

    4. Fixing bracket
    A fixing bracket with the necessary spacer sleeves and bolts is available for stable fitting to a filter or a sign gantry.

    5. Features

    Bypass and shut-off valves: integrated (checking the “0 display“ in operation possible)
    Mounting: right-left or left-right
    Screw-in filter: addable