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Diaphragm Gas Meter 

  • Household Diaphragm Gas Meter

    G 2,5 / G 4 – Type RS/2001

    • DVGW-certified according to EN 1359
    • HTB (high temperature resistant version) in sheet steel
    • Aluminium medium pressure housing PN 1.6
    • Reed contact optional
    • European metrological approval
    Technical Characteristics

    certified according to EN 1359
    conforms acc. to OIML
    CEE 71/316 and 71/318
    (high temperature resistant)






    sheet steel HTB


    aluminium (PN 1,5) not HTB!



    Further Options:

    Reed contact system, mechanical,
    highly precise finish outwardly

    In General

    Household diaphragm gas meters of the series type RS/2001 were developed with special attention to the latest demands for accuracy of measurement and long-term stability.
    The production of measuring unit, which mainly determines these two factors, undergoes continuous quality monitoring.
    The meter housing in its standard version is made from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel (HTB). An integral folded seam of the housing components re- places the separate folded ring, whereby further reductions in the tendency to leak are further achieved. And there is aluminium housing available for special deployments.
    The meter can be used for gases according to DVGW worksheet G260 I, natural gas, liquid gas- air mixtures as well as other non- aggressive gases.

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    Type RS/2001 Steel Type RS/2001 Aluminium
    G 2,5 G 4 G 2,5 G 4

    Cyclic volume

    V [dm³] 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2
    Qmin [m³/h] 0,025 0,04 0,025 0,04
    Qmax [m³/h] 4 6 4 6

    Max. operating pressure

    P max. [bar] HTB 0,1 / not HTB 0,5 1,5 (not HTB)


    DN 25 (1‘‘) – thread 1 1/4‘‘ (two pipe)
    DN 25 (1‘‘) – thread 2‘‘ (single pipe)
    Weight [kg] 1,9 1,9 1,9 1,9