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Differential Pressure Gauge Type 2000 

  • Differential Pressure Gauge Type 2000

    – with piston measuring system –

    • Inspection certificate DIN EN 10204 / 3.1
    Technical Characteristics
    Pressure level: PN 100
    P perm.: 100 bar
    Working temperature: -25 °C to +100 °C
    Medium: all gases acc. to DVGW worksheet G 260/I
    Spring: up to 102 bar
    Scale: bar
    Display: pointer plus setting pointer
    Display ranges: 0 to 0,7 bar
    0 to 1,0 bar* (standard)
    0 to 2,0 bar
    0 to 5,0 bar
    0 to 7,0 bar
    Valve body: aluminium
    fitted with 4 screw-holes M3, (for the addition of a switch contact at a later date)
    Bolts, nuts: brass, chrome-plated
    Plastic housing: glass-fibre reinforced, unbreakable plastic, grey
    Magnet: ceramic
    Piston: rust-free steel
    Gaskets: Perbunan (optional Viton for aggressive medium)
    Standard connections: female thread G ¼“
    Flow direction (+/-): left/right or right/left flow direction at valve register adjustable – left/right as well as right/left
    Bypass and shut-off valves: contained in valve register
    Filter: screw-in filter, addable
    Electrical connection: reed contact (3-pole/DIN), addable
    Protection class: IP 54 (EN 60529(IEC 529)


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    Item Type Item No. Flow direction Price in €
    le/ri ri/le
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 0.7 bar AP DMAP0700 LR RL 182,70
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 1.0 bar AP DMAP1000 LR RL 182,70
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 2.0 bar AP DMAP2000 LR RL 182,70
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 5.0 bar AP DMAP5000 LR RL 182,70
    Differential pressure gauge 0 to 7.0 bar AP DMAP7000 LR RL 182,70
    Reed contact (3-pole/Hirschmann IP 65) right – left DMAPBPRH RL 60,90
    Reed contact (3-pole/Hirschmann IP 65) left – right DMAPBPRH 60,90
    Valve register with bypass and shut-off valves VR 92,40
    Screw-in filter for valve register VREF 36,80
    Installation in sheet steel housing IP 56 DMAPBPBOX 128,00

    The differential pressure manometer 2000 serves the monitoring of filters, traps etc. by showing the filter differential pressure.


    The differential pressure value is determined via measuring device which operates in opposition against a spring. Transmission over to a display scale is performed magnetically. This form of transmission guarantees absolute separation between measuring system and display.

    Schematic diagram

    See illustration above


    On the underside of the unit are 2 connections G .”
    (Optional: connections 1⁄4” NPT on the rear side).
    The port with the identification ”High” is installed with the lead to the higher pressure, and the ”Low” port with the lead to the lower pressure.

    Product additions

    Installation / manifold / valve register:

    Differential pressure gauge type 2000 can be complimented with a valve register(manifold).
    This valve register offers the following mounting advantages:
    a) Mounting the differential pressure gauge for connection: “right-left” or “left-right” without crossing the measurement leads and without a special version of the basic unit.
    b) Pressure compatibility between (+) and (-) via knurled screw (1) in the middle of the valve register (e.g. run-up, for checking the 0 display during operation).
    c) Using both of the screws (2) O-ring sealed valves can be closed. Differential pressure gauge type 2000 can then be removed problem-free from the valve register (e.g. for checking, exchanging, etc.)
    d) The valve register (manifold) can replace both valves i.e. block ball-valves, which are otherwise necessary for mounting.
    e) Additionally, a filter cartridge can be screwed into the valve register (manifold) to protect the measurement mechanism. The filter element screw must always be inserted at the left-hand side.

    2. Reed-Contact Type SPDT

    3-pole connector acc. to DIN 41524 (1 opener & 1 closer)
    Electrical capacity: 3 VA / 28 V / 0.25 A
    Explosion protection: intrinsically-safe (Ex) i G5 via (Ex) interface relay

    3. Nameplates with your company emblem
    We can supply special versions of the differential pressure manometer with your own company emblem. If interested, then please get in contact with us.